The Moody Blues


Moody Blues minus Ray

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22,000 Days Am



Actor, The D
After You Came A
And My Baby’s Gone A♭ (G#)
And the Tide Rushes In A
Another Morning (The Morning) D
Are You Sitting Comfortably? G (chorus end: Em)



Balance, The B♭ (A#)~
Best Way to Travel, The D (End: Dm, Fm, A♭m, Bm)
Beyond B♭ (A#)/Cm/B~/Cm
Bless the Wings (That Bring You Back) D
Blue World Am
Blue Guitar F
Boulevard De La Madeleine Em/G
Breaking Point Em
Bye Bye Bird C



Candle of Life D♭ (C#)~
Can’t Nobody Love You F
Carry Me (John Lodge) E
Celtic Sonant G
Cities Em/G
Come Back (I Don’t Want to Go on Without You) F



Dawning Is The Day F
Dawn Is A Feeling Cm
Day Begins, The (orchestra) Emadd9/E/*/A/C/D/Em/E/D♭ (C#)
Day We Meet Again, The C (Key change: D)
Dear Diary Dm
December Snow F
Deep Dm (Key change: Em)
Departure F/*
Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood Am
Don’t Need a Reindeer D
Don’t You Feel Small Em
Dream, The (poem) no key (speech) (sustained note: E)
Dreamer, The Dm~
Dr. Livingstone, I Presume A (verses: C)
Driftwood D



Emily’s Song G
English Sunset Aadd9
Eternity Road Dm7
Evening (Time to Get Away) G/E (verses: Emadd9)
Everyday *
Eyes of a Child (Pt 1) G
Eyes of a Child (Pt 2) Em



Floating C
Fly Me High A
Foolish Love G (tending to Em)
For My Lady C
Forever Autumn [Hayward] Dm
Forever Now C
From the Bottom of My Heart E



Gemini Dream Cm
Gimme a Little Somethin’ D
Go Now A♭~
Going Nowhere C (key change: D
Gypsy (of a Strange and Distant Time) Em



Had to Fall in Love G
Happy Xmas (War Is Over) G/C
Haunted B♭
Have You Heard (Part 1) G
Have You Heard (Part 2) G
He Can Win *



* Key is undetermined or unknown at this time, or multiple keys


~ Key is somewhere between the nearest “true” notes, and based on an educated guess OR whichever the “off” key is closer to

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