UPDATE 11/15/11

What Key Is It In is BACK!

After the site was recently attacked by malcode (probably through an untrusted WordPress plugin), WKIII has switched hosts and is on its way to being up and running again! Please visit often and check my progress!


Welcome, musicians and music lovers! I’m so glad you found your way to WhatKeyIsItIn.com!

Have you ever wondered what key your favorite song is in? Maybe you wanted to play along with it on your guitar, but you weren’t sure about the chords because you didn’t know what key to base them on? (For example, if a song is in C, chances are that chords like C, F, G or A minor (Am) might be involved. It doesn’t always work that way, but often enough to be helpful in many cases.) Well…

This website was created with the dream of eventually building a vast database of songs and their respective keys. I know, it sounds daunting… it is! It may be a never-ending challenge. The main goal here is to post as many songs and keys as possible for people to access, without having to look all over the Web for answers (sometimes totally conflicting ones!).

I hope to add a form for visitors to submit questions about individual songs, so that I can use that information to build the index as well. I welcome any questions, but also corrections, suggestions and other contributions – for now, just send an e-mail by clicking here.

Please, come in, take your shoes off, and look around. I know, the warehouse is still pretty empty… don’t mind the boxes being moved in. I hope to fill up a lot of these empty rooms soon!

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